This is what you pay!

0.20% + $0.10
above interchange

We keep it simple!

We keep it simple! By using the Interchange Plus model, we offer a low merchant rate of 0.20% and $0.10 per transaction above Interchange as our payment processing fees. We will show you exactly what you are paying, see the below table.

 InterchangeBrand FeeNPS MarginsTotal ($100 Sale)
Visa Rewards 11.65% + $0.100.13% + $0.020.20% + $0.10$2.25 or 2.20%
Visa CPS Retail1.51% + $0.100.13% + $0.020.20% + $0.10$2.06 or 2.06%
MC Merit 31.58% + $0.100.12% + $0.020.20% + $0.10$2.12 or 2.12%
MC World Elite Merit 12.50% + $0.100.12% + $0.020.20% + $0.10$3.04 or 3.04%

*as of July 2016

Verifone® Credit Card Terminal

Verifone VX520

• Verifone VX520 Terminal
• Built-in printer
• Integrated magnetic stripe reader
• EMV ready
• Ethernet and Dial connectivity

Verifone credit card terminals move beyond basic transactions to engage customers. They are compact, built to last, easy for both businesses and customers to use and include a variety of payment options.

Verifone VX805 PIN-Pad

• Integrated magnetic stripe reader
• EMV ready
• USB and RJ45 connectivity

Pax s80 Terminal

PAX’s S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions.

The S80 comes with powerful ARM11 processor and optional built-in contactless, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications, making this countertop terminal one of the most reliable in the world.

Helpful Definitions

Interchange Fee

Also called the discount rate or swipe fee, is the sum paid by merchants to the credit card processor as a fee for accepting credit cards. The amount of the rate will vary depending on the type of transaction.

Interchange Rate

Interchange rates are essentially the wholesale prices set by major credit card processing associations. Interchange Rates are determined periodically by the major credit card processing associations and published on their sites.

Card Brand Fee

Card Brand Fees (also known as Card Association Fees) are the fees that are actually paid back to the major credit card issuers. Each charge an assessments on every transaction involving one of their credit cards. Like interchange, assessments are exactly the same for all credit card processors and no processor can give you a lower rate or a better deal on assessments.

NPS’ Fee

0.20% + $0.10 above interchange rates. So we can provide our clients, the same great customer service and low prices that big corporate businesses get.

Our Support

1 Once your order is approved, your unit will come fully configured and customized to your specifications.

2 Our skilled technicians will take care of all aspects so all you need to do is plug and play.

3 Depending on your location, we will provide training either in person or by remote access. Our team will make sure you have complete knowledge and understanding of how to handle day to day operations.

But most importantly dont be afraid to reach out to us. We will be available 24/7, by phone or email.