Frozen Yogurt

Our software is designed to give business owners a way to maximize their productivity and potential.

The Right Solution for Your Frozen Yogurt Point Of Sales

Frozen Yogurt shops rely heavily on 2 factors to achieve success speed of service and customer loyalty. UP Restaurant® will provide both with a time saving layout, quick cash tender button, one step smart pay button, multiply-cup weight capability, weight integration for oz, lb ,and grams, FlexGift® and loyalty integration capability are just a few of the features that make our software the ideal Frozen Yogurt solution.

UP Restaurant® for Yogurt shops are equipped with unlimited menu items, sub-menu, and modifier buttons for all your needs. No need to key in the weight manually; it will be read automatically with our integrated weight scale. Tracking customers through our loyalty program is a breeze. UP Restaurant® provides coupons, promotions and discounts that will increase returning customers and bring new customers to the establishment.

Our user interface is fully customizable for any user. Our software focuses on the important aspects of a POS System in its features such as Sales Reports, Inventory Management, Employee Management and much more. UP Restaurant® is also integrated to control inventory, wireless table side ordering, real time alert, and a potent Back Office to increase productivity and efficiency while cutting down on waste and redundancy.


Manage floor plans and
menu items easily
Robust reporting tools


Manage orders, bar tabs, and customer details
Integrated FlexGift®
loyalty program


Manage and track employee schedules, timesheets, and payroll
Built-in training modes for new employees


Manage walk-in, online, and recurring reservations
Send reservation confirmation via e-mai


Easily join, move, or split tables and checks.
Manage cash on floor accurately.

Turn Around Time

Once your order is approved, it will take approximately two weeks for the POS station to be installed at your location. Your unit will come fully configured and customized to your specifications.


UP Solution’s skilled technicians will handle all aspects of the installation process. A site survey will be conducted to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. Once the site survey is completed, our POS team will contact you to setup the installation at your convenience.


Depending on your location, we will provide training either in person or by remote access. Our POS team will make sure you have complete knowledge and understanding of the software and how to handle day to day operations through your POS.